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Creating a Slide Show from a Picture Library

First, you need to create a picture library for the slide show.

Steps to create a Picture Library:

  • Click on Site Actions and then select View All Site Content.
  • On the All Site Content page, click on the Create link.
  • On the Create page, click on Picture Library under Libraries.
  • On the New page
    • Enter a name for your picture library in the Name field.
    • Leave the Description field blank, unless you want to add an optional description.
    • Select No on the Display this picture library on the Quick Launch, unless you want this library to appear on your left hand vertical navigation.
    • Leave the default of No on the Create a version each time you edit a file in this picture library.
    •  Click Create to continue.
  • The picture library is created.

Note:  Each slide show has its own picture library.

Uploading pictures into the Picture Library:

  • Click on Upload from the picture library menu.
  • Click on the Browse button and select a picture to upload. Then, click on the OK button.
  • On the picture properties page, enter the title, the date the picture was taken, and a brief description of the picture. Keywords can be left blank. Please note:  these additional picture properties are optional. However, the properties are displayed in conjunction with the picture, so it is recommended that additional time be taken to complete these fields.
  • Your picture is now uploaded into the picture library.

Repeat the above steps for each picture you wish to upload.

Editing the Picture Properties:

  • Click on the picture that you wish to change the properties for. (The picture library may show file names or thumbnails)
  • On the picture properties page, click on Edit Item.
  • Use the Edit form to make any changes needed to the picture properties and then click the OK button.

Note: You can upload all the pictures in one time using the Upload Multiple Documents feature and then open each picture to edit its properties.

Creating the Slide Show:

To create the slide show, click on Actions and then select View Slide Show.

The slide show will open. Notice that for each picture, the picture properties are displayed to the right.

Copying the page URL:

Copy the URL on the address bar of the slide show window
Right click on the slide show page and select Properties and copy the address (URL) of the page
Use this URL for the link to the new photo slide show

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