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The site navigation or quick launch is the link menu on the left column.


To modifying navigation, select Site SettingsModify Navigation from the Site Actions menu.

Modify navigation

Site Navigation Settings

Select the settings for sorting and displaying the site navigation.

Site Navigation Settings

In Navigation Editing and Sorting area, the toolbar allows adding, editing, deleting and moving links and headings up and down.

Adding a link:

Click on Add Link... to open the Navigation Link dialog. Enter link title and browse to the page or document to get the URL. If you copy/paste a URL, please make it a relative URL.

Adding a link

Adding a heading:

Click on Add heading... to open the Navigation Heading dialog. Enter heading title and browse to the page or document to get the URL. If the heading has no link associated, leave the URL field blank.

Note: If you want to add a link under a heading, you should select the heading before adding the new link. Then the new link is automatically placed under the selected heading. If you forget to select the heading, the new link will be put at the bottom of the list and you have to move it up to its location under the correct heading.

Adding a heading

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