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A new page opens in editing mode right after its creation. You can then edit its title and body content.

To edit an existing page,

  • Select View All Site Content under the Site Actions menu
  • Open the Pages document library
  • Open the page you want to edit
  • Click on the Edit Page button on the Page Editing Toolbar to switch the page to editing mode

Edit Page 

The HTML Editor Toolbar will appear when you clicking on the body content area. Use this toolbar to format text, add links, insert images, insert tables, switch to HTML view, clear text formatting…  Mouse over the icons to see the tool tips.

Edit text 

To insert an image, click on the insert image icon to open the Image Manager. Select the image, set the image properties and click Insert.

Insert image 

Image Manager:

Image manager 

Note: if the page editing toolbar does not show on the page, go to Site Actions menu and select Show Page Editing Toolbar to display it.

Show editing tools 

Page menu (on Page Editing Toolbar)

While you are editing the page content, you can select  Save under Page menu to save the page and continue editing. Save and Stop Editing to save the update and exit editing mode.

Select “Discard Check Out” from the Page menu to exit the page editing mode without saving the update.

You can also delete the page from Page menu

Page menu 


The page you are editing is currently “checked out”. After editing the page, click on “Check in to Share Draft” so permitted viewers can see your update. Saving the update does not publish it. The new content is still a draft. You can keep working on it or submit it for approval.

Content approval is the default workflow. After saving your update, click on Submit for Approval button. The site approver will publish the page by approving it. However, most web sites’ workflow has been changed to skip the content approval process. In those sites, you do not need to submit the update for approval.  You should see the Publish button on the Page Editing Toolbar in place of the Submit for Approval button.

Click on the Publish button to publish the new content.


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