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Content Approval process is the default workflow for each document library.
After saving a page update, publisher has to submit it for approval. The approver needs to approve the update so it can be published.

The same approval workflow applies to images and documents
To publish an image or a document,

  • Click on the document or image file  (approval status is a draft)
  • Select “Publish a major version” from the dropdown


After submitting for approval or publishing a major version, the approval status of the page, the image or the document is "pending". The approver may approve or reject the pending item.


Turning off Content Approval

If the publisher is the owner and approver of a website, the content approval workflow is not necessary. It can be turned off in the Document Library Versioning Settings.

Steps to turn off the content approval:

  • Open the document library you want to turn off content approval (Pages, Documents, Images)
  • Select Document Library Settings under Settings menu
  • Click on Versioning Settings under General Settings
  • In Document Library Versioning Settings page, select No for Content Approval.

Example: Turning off content approval in Pages library

Content Approval

After turning off content approval, you don’t need to go through the “Submit for approval” step. However, after updating your page content or creating a new page, you need to publish it so it can be live. Click on the “Publish” button to publish the page.


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