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 Where Can I Find a Safe Space Ally?

The following individuals are trained Safe Space Allies at SCC

Phone (714)
Corinna Evett, English SCC E-311 628.4829
Roberta Tragarz, English SCC E-312 628.4743
John Hernandez, Student Services     SCC A-201-3 628.4886
Lynnette Beers-Mccormick    SCC D-203-3 628.4944
Mary Mettler, DSPS  SCC E-105   628.4976
Laura Wirtz, DSPS SCC E-105-4 628.4861
Rosa de la Torre, Counseling OEC 117-3 628.5935
Regina Lamourelle, Human Development SCC U-105 628.4708
Elizabeth Elchlepp, English SCC D-116-1 628.4784
Jim Isbell, English SCC D-116-7 628.4946
Jim Granitto, Philosophy SCC D-116-11 628.4914
Melissa Campitelli-Smith, Psychologist SCC T-102-8 628.4773
Amy Sebelius, Theatre SCC
Rosemary Touyanou, Student Services OEC 118-7  628.5942
Judy Iannaccone, Communications DIST 408-3     480.7503
Georgia Summers, Human Sexuality SCC D-116-6 628.4777 
Diana Casares, Student Services SCC A-206 628.4710 
Robert Waldren, Student Services SCC D-104-N 628.4869
Melinda Womack, Communication SCC E-311 628.4786
Roslyn Soto, Upward Bound Math and Science SCC A-206 628.5011
John Smith, Mathematics SCC U-84 628.4922 
Deisy Covarrubias, CAMP SCC A-212 628.5036 
Anita Varela, Library SCC Library 105-5 628.5020 
Maria Chaidez, Counseling SCC D-104-S-C 628.4934 
Liz Thomas, Financial Aid SCC E-104 628.4804 
Diep Burbridge, Biology SCC
Joan Hill, English SCC  
Valerie Marino, Psychology SCC   889.8435 
Rebecca Ruiz, Health & Wellness Center