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Tutoring Center - Helpful Links

Effective Study Skills​

Incredible site with references in various topics like math, English, history, reference works, study skills, etc. There are many links that will help any college student at levels from remedial through advanced. 


Biology Sites:

Cells Alive!
Animated cells show HIV, Penicillium, Helicobacter pylori, cytoskeleton, parasites, and many others. Great visuals!



How to Read Poetry
10 Simple ways to help the reader of poetry.

Purdue Online Writing Lab
This site is located under resources for writers - excellent section on instructional handouts including general writing, ESL, parts of speech, writing research papers & citing sources, punctuation, spelling, and job search writing, etc.

The Rensselaer Writing Center Handouts
Cover letters, use of articles "a," "an," and "the," critiques, writing with gender fair language. Also demonstrates the use of APA & MLA formats.

Some Hints to Help You Read Poetry with More Pleasure (Penn English)
Short explanation on how to understand poetry and some of the terminology that goes with it.

Sweet Briar Col​lege Academic Resource Center
English writing and ESL links, study skills links.

Voice of the Shuttle English Literature Page
Many excellent referrals to information about literature written in English, including information about books banned at various times.

Dictionary and Reference Sites: Online Dictionary

PC Webopedia Computer Dictionary
A dictionary of computer terminology.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk
One of the best grammar books ever written - short, but concise! The entire book is online. This is a must-have for your website bookmarks.

WWWebster Dictionary -- Screen Search
Look up words online! Another must-have site.

English As a Second  Language (ESL or EFL):

Idioms Introduction

Good list of idioms with their meanings and examples of their usages.


History Links:

The American Experience--Vietnam
US History's spotlight on Vietnam, especially prepared by PBS.

Seattle Times: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
A look into the American Civil Rights Movement.



The Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
This extensive guide to philosophy links available on the Internet was created by Peter Suber at Earlham College in Indiana. It has sites listed under topics such as philosophers, newsgroups, dictionaries, quotations, projects, associations, and bibliographies, plus many others. An excellent source for students working on research papers.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Encyclopedic listing of classic philosophical texts and listings of key words. Excellent source for researching.


Political Science:

Democratic National Committee
Find out what the Democrats are up to.

Republican National Committee
Find out what the Republicans are up to.
This is the site for the Democratic caucus. The site outlines Democratic positions on issues and outlines the party's priorities for Congress.​
For teachers and students of politics, history, civics, and related subjects for K-12 and colleges. Online activities for learning and an annotated list of more than 75 related websites.  ​​​​​​​​