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Prospective Donor

To Prospective Donors



President Juan Vázquez observing as a student graciously thanks a donor.

Giving to the SCC Scholarship program offers donors the opportunity to celebrate our students’ achievements while empowering them to grow and evolve as life-long learners and assets to their communities. Donors may use their prerogative and design a scholarship to complement their individual/corporate vision by personally designing the criterion used to select a worthy recipient. Donors may also update their criterion as they deem fit. Donors have the following advantages:

    • Donors can choose to donate one-time-only or create an annual scholarship.
    • Donors can fund their scholarship throughout the year at their convenience.
    • Donors can choose to be part of the Selection Committee or delegate those duties to the highly qualified faculty and staff Selection Committee members.
    • Donors are invited and encouraged to attend our annual scholarship ceremony where they having the option of presenting their scholarship directly into the hands of the selected recipient.
    • Scholarship donations are tax deductible!

Becoming an SCC Donor requires very little paperwork. If you are interested in setting up a scholarship simply:

    1. Contact Andrea Garcia, Financial Aid Coordinator, at (714) 628-4793.
    2. A Prospective Donor packet will be sent to you for your review and completion.
    3. Again, please contact Andrea Garcia, Financial Aid Coordinator, at (714) 628-4793 to arrange a convenient time to meet and answer any questions you may have. At that time Andrea will collect and review relevant donor information.