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Early Welcome Program



 Space is Limited! Apply Early!

In an effort to serve high school seniors, Santiago Canyon College is please to introduce the Early Welcome program, a joint effort among admissions, counseling and outreach. This program addresses the importance of maintaining relationships with local high schools by allowing graduating seniors the ability to complete matriculation services in the spring for the upcoming fall semester.

Early Welcome students who complete this program will be allowed to register for the fall semester before most of SCC's current students; a luxury not available at most community colleges.

To participate in this program, students must complete the following steps:

1. Application

    • Apply online starting on 12/2/2013 at for fall 2014 semester
    • Students MUST submit a valid email address
    • Students must complete the application as if they were already graduates of high school e.g. The application will ask "Are you a high school graduate?" and the student must say "Yes".

2. Placement Test

    • Students must complete their application to be eligible to test. Space is limited!
    • 2014 Test Dates:        
      • February 20 @ 7:45am (Villa Park HS students only)
      • March 3 @ 7:45am (Canyon HS students only)
      • March 4 @ 7:45am (Orange HS students only)
      • March 11 @ 7:45am (El Modena HS students only)
      • March 17 @ 3:15pm
      • March 24 @ 3:15pm
      • March 31 @ 3:15pm
      • April 3 @ 3:15pm
      • April 7 @ 3:15pm
      • April 14 @ 3:15pm
      • April 28 @ 3:15pm
    • Students must bring a photo ID to the test
    • Students can bypass part or all of the placement test by submitting EAP scores, AP (Math or English) scores or completing the SCC CROSSroads program

3. Orientation

      • Students must complete the SCC placement test before being allowed to attend the SCC orientation.
      • Students should bring an UNOFFICIAL transcript to the orientation.
      • Students will be assigned one of following orientation dates
        • 2014 Orientation Dates:
          • April 4 @ 8:30am
          • April 18 @ 8:30am
          • April 25 @ 8:30am
          • May 2 @ 8:30am
          • May 9 @ 8:30am
          • May 9 @ 12:45pm 
      • The orientation dates will be determined by the placement test date. The earlier the student tests; the earlier the assigned orientation date will be.
      • Parent orientations will also be available on the day of their students orientation.
      • If students need to make changes to their assigned orientation date, they can reply to the email that will be sent to them.
      • Parking will be free in the student lots during the orientation.

 4. Registration

      • ONLY those students who attend the orientation will be allowed to receive priority registration during the month of May.
      • Students will receive their online registration date during the orientation.
      • Students will register for open class sections. Student will NOT  be able to go on the "waitlist" for any closed classes.
      • Student will have to pay for classes on the day of registration.
      • Students who MISS their priority online registration date will NOT be allowed to register until mid August.