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Cal Grant

Types of Cal Grant


 Cal Grant A

Cal Grant A is for students who are attending a California four year college or university.  If you were awarded a Cal Grant A, but are attending RSCCD during the 12/13 academic year; make sure that your Cal Grant A is place on Community College Reserve.


Cal Grant B

May be used at a California Community College or a California College or University.


 Cal Grant C

May be used for students enrolled in an occupational/technical program or certificate program.

Click here for more information on the types of Cal Grant available

Cal Grant Application Process


For more information about the Cal Grant Application process click here:


Cal Grant GPA Submissions:


Cal Grant GPA Requirement

In addition to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to apply for a Cal Grant a school certified Grade Point Average (GPA) must be submitted to the California Student Aid Commission (Commission) by the filing deadline. The March 2, 2012, Cal Grant filing deadline has passed. The next filing deadline, for community college students only, is September 2, 2012.


 Filing for the September 2, 2012 (Community College only)


The September 2 deadline is designated for students that will be attending a California Community College (CCC) during the 2012-13 academic year. To be considered for this award, you must complete the following three requirements:

    1. 2012-13 FAFSA must be completed
    2. Your certified GPA by the deadline
    3. Must be enrolled in a CCC for the Fall 2012 term by the September 2 deadline

For the September 2, 2012, deadline for community college students, Cal Grant GPAs will be accepted by CSAC only if certified by a RSCCD electronically or on the paper GPA Verification form. No transcripts are accepted. The fastest and most secure way for a student to submit his or her Cal Grant GPA is to have their school electronically upload the GPA directly to the California Student Aid Commission’s system. Please ask your RSCCD to submit your GPA electronically to the Commission; please note that while the electronic submission deadline may be September 2, RSCCD reserves the right to submit the GPA a few weeks prior to the deadline to avoid any complications at the state level.

If the school cannot submit electronically, the paper Cal Grant GPA Verification form must be certified by the school. Click on the following link to download the September 2 Cal Grant GPA Verification Form.


The September 2, 2012 GPA Verification form must be postmarked no later than September 4, 2012; due to the Labor Day holiday.


Cal Grant Requirements for Santiago Canyon College


Santiago Canyon College Policy for submitting GPA Records:

RSCCD’s Responsibility: SCC will automatically submit GPA’s to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) for students who completed a minimum of 16 units at RSCCD and whose last semester completed was no later than 3 years from the GPA deadline date.  


Student’s Responsibility: In order for a valid and proper GPA submission record to be valid, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that Admissions & Records is reflecting their correct social security number and HS Graduation Date at least three weeks prior to submission deadline.  If this either of these components are invalid by the GPA Submission Date the record will be rejected by CSAC.  Students can inquire about the details of submitted GPA after the submission deadline at the financial aid counter (no phone calls please).    

Santiago Canyon Colleges Process for Awarding Cal Grant payments:

In order for Santiago Canyon College Financial Aid Office (SCCFAO) to process Cal Grant for a student who was notified by the California Student Aid Commission that they were awarded a Cal Grant, the student’s financial aid file must be complete prior to any awarding of aid.

      • If the student was selected for verification by the Department of Education the student must submit the required documents in order for the SCCFAO to complete the verification process.
      • If the student was not selected for verification by the Department of Education and the SCCFAO has determined that there are no additional documents required the file will be automatically in the completed status.

Once the file has been completed, Santiago Canyon College will add the Cal Grant award upon verification of the income and asset ceiling requirements as outlined  by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).  If the student no longer meets the income and assets ceiling requirements, SCCFAO will notify CSAC to have the Cal Grant award withdrawn.

The following are the Income & Asset Ceilings for 12/13:

Please understand that just because a student has been awarded it does not mean they are guaranteed a payment as SCCFAO will be checking quite a few other things like Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and enrollment status prior to disbursement(please read below under disbursements) 

Santiago Canyon College Cal Grant Disbursement Process:

Students who were awarded Cal Grant B or C must accept their Cal Grant on Web Advisor before the award can be disbursed. Please see Disbursement Calendar for the dates that Cal Grant will be disbursed.  The amount awarded to the student’s award package will be defaulted to the full-time maximum.  If the student is not attending full-time, the amount disbursed will be pro-rated in accordance with CSAC’s disbursement requirements for three-quarter (9-11.9 units) and half-time (6-8.9 units) attendance.  Student who are attending less-than-half-time (<6 units) will not be eligible for a Cal Grant Disbursement.  As a courtesy to our students SCCFAO will place the student on a Leave of Absence for that term.  A student must be making (SAP) each semester in order for SCCFAO to disburse the student’s Cal Grant. RSCCD does not pay Cal Grant during summer terms.


    • Cal Grant C – Before Cal Grant C can be added to a student’s award package, the student must submit an Educational Plan to be completed by making an appointment with a Counselor.  SCCFAO will notify Cal Grant C students in writing along with a “Cal Grant “C” Academic Plan Request” form that the student must bring to the Counseling Department before making an appointment with a Counselor.  SCCFAO will also make sure that the student meets the income and asset ceiling before adding Cal Grant C to the student’s award package.
    • Cal Grant B – As long as the student has met the income and asset ceiling as outline above, the Cal Grant B will be added to the students award package.


Important information on Students Responsibility to Track their Cal Grant Awards:


Santiago Canyon College encourages students to track their Cal Grant awards.  In order to do this, student must create an account with CSAC at


Once a student has created an account with CSAC, they will be able to:


    • Check the status of any Cal Grant awards
    • View their remaining eligibility percentage to make educated decisions on maximizing the Cal Grants to their benefit
    • Determine which California College has the students Cal Grant Record.  (If a student is not list as Santiago Canyon College, the student must submit a School Change in order for SCCFAO to add Cal Grant B or C to the student award package.  If the student is Cal A the student will be place on Community College Reserve as outlined under the Cal Grant A information on this website)
    • Make changes to the student’s demographic information such as address, e-mail, phone number etc…
    • Review their payment history
    • Submit a School Change (if you are no longer attending any classes at SCC or SAC, make sure to submit a school change in order for CSAC to notify your new college that you may be Cal Grant Eligible)
    • Submit the HS Verification Form on-line (this is only required for Cal Grant A & B Entitlement Students)




New Cal Grant Entitlement – Students must confirm your high school diploma status with the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).  Students can do this online at  CSAC will notify SCCFAO in order to confirm a student’s eligibility for Cal Grants.


Cal Grant Renewals – It is a student’s responsibility to track their own remaining Cal Grant eligibility. A student can do this online at We advise students with 200% or less remaining eligibility to consider taking Leave of Absence (LOA); a LOA cannot be used for more than two years.  New California Regulations effective with the 2011-12 academic year and beyond affects renewal eligibility.


This means your Cal Grant renewal eligibility is no longer guaranteed.  


Cal Grant B pays part or all of your tuition (depending on if the institution is public or private) at a four-year California institution. Students who transfer to a four-year institution with less than 200% of their eligibility can significantly reduce the amount of Cal Grant funds that they will receive once they transfer. For further advice if needed, please contact our office.