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Apply For Services

​​​DSPS Application Process
Students must follow the steps outlined below to register with DSPS and have their disability-related academic accommodations authorized.
​1. Obtain disability verification from a qualified professional.​
​Students must provide DSPS with documentation of their disability and meet with a DSPS Professional in order to receive services. Students without current disability verification should do the following:
Print out a Disability Verification Form and have it completed by a licensed professional qualified to diagnose the disability.   
2. Schedule an appointment to meet with a DSPS professional.​
​Students must phone us at (714) 628-4860 to schedule an appointment to have their accommodation needs evaluated. At the appointment, students complete a DSPS application for services and discuss the accommodations they require with the DSPS professional. 
​3. Request DSPS accommodations at least two weeks before they are needed 
​Students are expected to request accommodations in a timely manner so there is ample opportunity to implement required services.