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8045 E. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92869 (714) 628-4900
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American College English/ESL: Support Services




Where can I get help?



1Start with your instructors.  They may be able to give you advice about what

you need to do or which office you need to visit.



2. Academic Success Center.  The staff here have a lot of information about

credit, non-credit, college offices and services. 

D-209 (714) 628-4830


3.  Counseling Department.  Our counselors can assist with academic,

vocational and personal issues.  Students should see a counselor at least

once per semester.

D-106  (714) 628-4800


4.  Child Development Center.  We have a wonderful child care facility

and staff, and they are here to provide care for your child while you are

in class. 

C-115  (714) 628-4891


5.  EOPS (Extended Opportunities Programs and Services). If you need special

assistance as an underrepresented student, the staff in this office can help you. 

E-108  (714) 628-4915


6.  DSPS (Disabled Students Program and Services).  If you know or think

you might have a disability, the staff in this office can assist you in many

ways, from testing to verify a disability to helping you determine if you

need special accommodations to succeed in your courses. 

E-105  (714) 628-4860 or (714) 639-9742 (TTY)


7.  Transfer Center, Job Placement.  Located in the SCC Counseling area.

  D-106  Job Placement (714)  628-4921  

Transfer Center (714) 628-4865


8.  SCC Library/Learning Resources Center (LRC). 

(714) 628-5000.



9. Tutoring Center. You can make an appointment to work with ESL tutors.

U-80 (714) 628-4791




10. Orange Education Center (Continuing Education: non-credit ESL,

high school subjects) The phone number is (714) 628-5900 - (714) 628-5929

We often advise students to contact the ESL program here, especially if they

are looking for free ESL classes and/or cannot attend the ACE classes.