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New and Returning students need to apply to Santiago Canyon College (SCC) by College by going to CCCApply.  After submitting all of your information, you will receive an email confirmation from CCCApply.  Within 3 business days you will receive a second email from SCC with your WebAdvisor login and important registration information.  You will be able to log onto WebAdvisor to view your registration date.


New and returning students are part of the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) legislated by the Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012 which requires students to complete the following services in order to register on their assigned date.

  1. Placement Testing:  You must take placement tests in Math, English, or American College English for ESL prior to registering at SCC.  Placement testing is done by appointment only.  You can access your student ID number through WebAdvisor which you will need to schedule your placement tests through our online system at

    Disability Accommodations:  Students who require disability-related accommodations for placement tests must request them at least two weeks prior to testing and provide disability verification from a qualified professional.  To arrange for testing accommodations, contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at 714-628-4860

  2. If You Attended Another College:  If you recently completed placement tests and/or completed English, Math, or another course that meets a prerequisite requirement at a regionally accredited college, you may be exempt from taking SCC's placement tests.  To determine your eligibility, contact the Counseling Department at 714-628-4800 and ask for a "course prerequisite clearance" appointment.

  3. New Student Orientation:  New student orientation is required of all incoming students.  Information will be provided at placement testing and/or your counseling appointment.

Placement testing and/or course prerequisite clearance, new student orientation, and academic advisement are required of all incoming students.  If you have circumstances you believe exempt you from requirements #1 or #2 listed above, you may file an exemption request form available here: EXEMPTION REQUEST FORM (PDF)