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Course Repetition Policy

Course Repetition Policy

 (Effective Summer 2012)

A student who earns a W, D, F, or NP (No Pass) grade may repeat the course up to three enrollments to improve the grade of the substandard work. After three enrollments the class must be completed outside the Rancho Santiago Community College District.

A student may not repeat a course to change a grade of C or above. (Note this same procedure may be followed in case of grades UF and WF which appear on some older transcripts.) Courses repeated under the provision of this section will be indicated as repeated on the permanent academic records of the student.

Course repetition at Santiago Canyon College does not guarantee that other institutions will approve such action. This determination will be made by the respective transfer institutions.

NOTE: Course repetition rules only allow a maximum of three (3) enrollments for a non-repeatable course.


Repeatability of Courses

(from Santiago Canyon College 2010-2011 Catalog)

 Courses may be repeated under the following circumstances:

Substandard Work: when a student has earned a grade of W, D, F, NP (No Pass). Substandard work may be repeated. (See Course Repetition Policy.)

Repeatable Courses: when it is identified as repeatable in the class schedule and college catalog.

Special Circumstances include: a significant lapse of time (three years), accident, illness, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Courses repeated under provisions of this section will be indicated as repeated on the permanent academic record of the student as determined by the dean. Grades awarded for courses repeated under provisions of this section shall not be counted in calculating a student's grade point average. Go to Admissions for more information.

Personal Interest Courses: The number of courses which may be taken within an area of personal interest is limited to a total of four times. A personal interest area may be defined as (1) a physical activity such as tennis or swimming or circuit training; (2) a performace activity such as concert band or choir or theatre production; or (3) a studio art activity such as ceramics or watercolor or painting. An exception to this policy is the student who is working toward a certificate and/or an associate degree in a particular discipline which requires more than four courses in one or more activities.

Varible Unit Courses: A variable unit course may be continued until the maximum number of units has been earned. Course repetition rules apply. Course repetition rules apply.

Honors Courses: A student who has completed a Santiago Canyon College Honors course and who has received a substandard grade may repeat the course without the Honors notation attached to the course number. If a student participating in the Santiago Canyon College Honors program chooses to repeat the non-Honors version of the course, there will be consequences relating to the participation in the Honors Program. Please refer to the Honors Program and Honors Courses section of the catalog, page 9.

IMPORTANT: The Course Repetition Policy and the Repeatability of Courses Regulations mentioned above are subject to change at any time during the academic year as new Legislative Bills may be introduced by State Legislation requiring changes to these policies and regulations. The district and college reserve the right to add, amend, or repeal any of the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as necessary.