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Academic Success Center - Services

What is the ASC?
The Academic Success Center is an academic learning center that provides computer-aided individualized instruction. The content and learning outcomes are customized to students' individual skill levels and needs.
Computer programs are self-paced, giving students opportunities to improve their academic skills at their own speed.
Faculty may use the ASC to give students opportunities to improve academic skills with supplemental instruction and resources assigned to them through courses or by referral for individual skill support. Call the center to learn how we can serve you and your students.
What does it provide?
  • ACE/ESL software programs assignments for lab.
  • Course - specific assignments.
  • Academic skills support for many general education courses.
  • Basic skills support for vocational programs.
  • Study tools to help with note taking.
  • Foreign language software programs for lab assignments.
  • Foreign language software for course-connected lab.
  • Skills support for general education courses
  • Reading skills for social sciences
  • Reading skills for sciences.
  • English grammar and punctuation practice.
  • Basic skills support for vocational programs.
  • Study tools to teach note-taking strategies.