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Transfer Success Center

​In collaboration with knowledgeable and skilled SCC counselors and 4-year college/university representatives, the Transfer Success Center staff aims to foster a seamless university transfer process through services and resources that include:

  • University research
  • Individual advisement
  • College/university representative appointments
  • Application workshops
  • Campus tours
  • College fairs
  • Guaranteed admission programs
  • Articulation agreements with 4-year institutions 

Fall 2015 Office Hours:

Mon-Tues: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Wed: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Thur: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Fri: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Phone: (714) 628-4865
Fax:(714) 639-2780
Location: D-104N


SCC's Transfer Success

  • Since becoming independently accredited in 2000, Santiago Canyon College has transferred students to over 500 universities and colleges worldwide. SCC's most popular transfer destinations are Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, UC Irvine, UCLA, Chapman, USC, and Arizona State, but SCC students have also transferred to schools such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, BYU, CalTech, Stanford, and many more.
  • SCC has excellent transfer admission success at highly competitive UC campuses such as UCLA and UC Berkeley, our UC transfer admit rate is among the best.
  • SCC students participate in the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee program (TAG), which offers guaranteed admission for qualifying students at six of the nine UC campuses.
  • UCLA's Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) provides SCC Honors students greatly enhanced admission priority, plus eligibility for exclusive TAP program scholarships.
  • A special partnership with UC Irvine allows SCC Honors students to participate in UCI's Honors to Honors program, which grants entry into UCI's Campuswide Honors program and gives priority consideration for the UC Regents Scholarship. To date, 100% of SCC's eligible Honors transfers were admitted to the program and received the scholarship.

What Students Say About the SCC Transfer Success Center:

  • Every time I came in (to the Transfer Center) they did an exceptional job. They should have a five star rating.
    - Israel, fall 2014 transfer to Cal State Fullerton in Criminal Justice
  • They did a great job with me.
    - Joseph, fall 2014 transfer to Loyola University, Chicago, in Business
  • I loved working with the staff in the Transfer Center. They always made me feel welcome.
    -Christopher, fall 2012 transfer to Cal State Fullerton in Fine Arts
  • Everyone in the transfer center was extremely helpful; especially Amanda and Robert who answered my (numerous) questions. I feel like it is because of them that I am going UCI.
    - Sydney, fall 2014 transfer to UC Irvine in Psychology (admitted to six universities)
  • Robert Waldren and Miguel Luna were never too busy to answer any of my questions. I could walk into their office, or walk up to them at any time, and they would immediately give me the answers I needed. Both were very motivating and I felt encouraged by their positive input I received every time I spoke with them. They are both assets to the SCC Transfer department. 
    - Deborah, fall 2014 transfer to Chapman University in Studio Arts
  • The Transfer Center has always been so helpful. Amanda was always there willing to answer my questions. She is super nice and totally helpful.
    - Jeanette, fall 2014 transfer to Cal State Fullerton in English
  • The Transfer Center is perfect.    
    - Angel, fall 2014 transfer in Religious Studies admitted to six UCs

Transfer Success Center Staff

Amanda Campbell, Transfer Specialist
Miguel Luna, Transfer Specialist
Robert Waldren, Transfer Coordinator




The SCC Transfer Success Center is committed to providing outstanding service to all members of our campus community.