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Useful Websites: Education

Awesome Library

Offers aids to teachers of all subject areas, at all grade levels: lesson plans, games, student learning outcomes, and more.


California Association for the Education of Young Children

An affiliate of the national association this California non-profit group is dedicated to promoting excellence in early childhood education from birth through 8 years.


California Department of Education

The official state education website with content standards and curriculum frameworks for grades K-12.


The Condition of Education

The Condition of Education is a congressionally mandated report that provides an annual portrait of education in the United States. The 43 indicators included in this year’s report cover all aspects of education, from early childhood through postsecondary education and from student achievement to school environment and resources.


Developing Educational Standards

An annotated list of Internet sites with K-12 educational standards.html

Education World                                                                               

The site supports K-12 school administrators and teachers by providing information on lesson plans, curriculums, books in education, school administration, special themes, and educational Web site reviews. Browse or search by keyword a database of more than 120,000 educational sites. Advanced search features include keyword searching by title, description, or URL, grade level, and age of link. It includes holiday resources, a School Administrators Archive, and a World School Directory.


The George Lucas Educational Foundation documents and disseminates innovations in teaching and advocates for incorporating technology in K-12 public schools.


ERIC – Education Resources Information Center

ERIC provides a bibliographic database of more than 1.2 million citations of journal articles and education-related materials.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
This site provides free teaching and learning resources, such as primary documents and videos, from numerous federal agencies.

Gateway to Education Materials
Annotated directory of Internet lesson plans, curriculum units, and activities pertaining to K-12 subjects. Users can browse sites by subject or keyword, desired grade or education level. They can also search by subject, keyword, title, and full text of the site description. Sources include the Living SchoolBook, the American Museum of Natural History, the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, Math Forum, and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. From the U.S. Department of Education. 

Teachers’ Domain
Multimedia Resources for the classroom; searchable by grade, subject or media type.
Locate instructional videos to enhance teaching and learning for K-12 classrooms.

United Nations CyberSchoolbus
The website is the online education component of the Global Teaching and Learning Project, whose mission is to promote education about international issues and the United Nations.

US Department of Education
The federal Department of Education provides information for students, parents, teachers, and administrators covering a variety of education topics and offers access to free teaching materials from federal agencies.