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8045 E. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92869 (714) 628-4900
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Scott Howell

    Title: Associate Professor
    Position: Social Science Department
    Phone: 714-628-4941
    Dept.: History
    Office: D-116-3
    Office Hours:

    Mon-Thursday 10:00:11:15 or by appointment  

        Scott Howell is a native of Redlands, California and continues to maintain ties to the home country by running in the annual "Run through Redlands" 10K run.  His transition to Orange County began when he attended UC Irvine and earned a BA in history.  Then, following the advice of Herman Melville, he decided to see the watery part of the world by touring the Atlantic with the United States Navy.  No longer desiring to be called Ishmael, he returned to UC Riverside and finished a MA and Ph.D in history.  Ultimately, posing as an authority on Colonial America and England, he was able to reenter Orange County in the guise of a historian. 

    Philosophy in general

    Skiing is better than snow boarding.
    Nietzsche was wrong
    Cool Hand Luke: best film
    Favorite author (at last consideration) John Steinbeck