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Math 170 Syllabus


Math 170 Pre-calculus

 Office:  SCC U-084
 Hours:  See my home page for current hours

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Math 160 with C or better or equivalent skills as measured by a satisfactory score on the Math Level 4 exam and a course equivalent to Math 160.

Textbook: Pre-calculus 5th, by Stewart, Redlin, Watson.

Purpose: Math 170 is designed to sharpen your algebraic, trigonometric and graphing skills for engineering calculus.


As a result of completing Mathematics 170, the student will be able to:

  1. State and apply basic definitions, properties and theorems of Pre-Calculus
  2. Solve higher order polynomial equations, rational inequalities and equations, systems of inequalities and equation, more complex trigonometric equations, exponential and logarithmic equations
  3. Analyze and graph functions, systems of inequalities and conics
  4. Model and solve problems using properties of exponentials, logarithms, sequences and series, systems of equations, and the binomial theorem.
  5. Utilize appropriate technology

Conduct: We all would like to be respected. So treat me and your fellow classmates like you would like to be treated. Please turn all cell phones off upon entering the class. Guidelines for student conduct are set forth in the RSCCD “Standards of Student Conduct” policy. Detailed information regarding student discipline and rights is available in the college catalog and student handbook.

Attendance: Attendance is very important. You need to arrive on time and stay for the entire class. You are responsible for any announcements I make in class, including any changes to the schedule even if you miss the class when the announcement was made. A student may be dropped for excessive absences, any amount that is more than 10% of the semester. In this class that is 3 or more. If you decide to drop this class, it is your responsibility to turn in a drop card to the Admissions Office. See the schedule for the relevant dates.

Homework: Each student is responsible for his/her own learning. So homework is assigned so you can test yourself on the material. Therefore, do not rush in doing your homework but deliberately write out all your key steps in a solution leading to your final answer. Show your work as demonstrated in class. You may use a calculator where necessary. You can expect to spend 10 - 12 hours per week on homework. Your name and the section numbers for the problems assigned are to go in the upper right hand corner of the first page. The problem numbers are to go on the left hand side of the first line. Problems are numbered and written the problem written down in consecutive order on the paper with all work shown neatly and legible. No work no credit. Please staple only the pages together for each assignment. It is highly suggested you spend time reading and making notes on each section of the book. Homework is due the next class meeting. If you miss class you are expected to have the work done and ready to turn in when you return to class. Homework will be discussed the next class meeting. We will not have enough time to cover everyone’s question. So if you are having trouble you will need to get help. The MaSh Center (discussed below) is a good place to get to some help. A one day grace is allowed for late homework. However, ALL HOMEWORK LATE OR ON TIME MUST BE TURNED IN THE DAY BEFORE THE SCHEDULED TEST FOR THAT MATERIAL. NO WORK WILL BE EXCEPTED ON THE DAY OF THE TEST OR LATER. 

Quizzes: There may be quizzes given throughout the semester with no prior notice. They will cover homework concepts. Quizzes will be given to those students that are present when the quiz is given. There will be no make-ups on quizzes.

Tests: There will be four tests given throughout the semester including the final exam. See schedule. There will be no make-up exams. If you miss a test, the percentage on the final will replace it. This is not in affect for the fourth test. You must take the fourth test. If you miss a second test you will receive a zero on it. There will be a comprehensive final exam at the end of the course. If you know you will miss an exam, It may be possible to arrange for you to take the exam prior to the scheduled time. You may not access your cell phone at anytime during any testing.

Student Honesty: You are expected to do your own work. If it appears that you are looking at another student’s test, helping someone during a test, or using some form of cheating device, you may receive a zero on the test. You may not share supplies during a test and you must show all your work to receive full credit for a problem. The use of all electronic devices (i.e. cellular phones, pagers, electronic dictionaries/translators, Palm Pilots, etc.) other than approved calculators during class test and exams is prohibited. A violation of this policy may result in the filing of an Academic Honesty Incident Report with the Dean of students.

Calculators: TI-83 Plus OR 84, TI-86. The 83 is cheaper. The 86 is harder to find. NO TI-89 or 92 are allowed. They can also be rented online at Discount code is SCC92869.

Grades: Your grade will be a based on achieving the Student Learning Outcomes for 170 listed above, the points that are assigned to your work on tests and homework. See below for typical grading scale.

Homework              15%
Tests & Quizzes       60%
Final                        25%

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: No cell phones, PDA’s, I-pods, MP3 players or other electronic devices are to be turned on or used in the class.

How to be successful: ATTITUDE AND COMMITMENT ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO BEING SUCCESSFUL. If you are looking for an easy grade this is not it. I it expect you to work and spend time studying, if you do you will learn a lot. If this is not your style then you should take another class. Come to every class listen, participate in class discussion, take notes, and ask questions. Read the section in your text prior to the date on the schedule. NEVER GET BEHIND. Actively participate in your learning. Form a study group to do homework and study for tests. Get a class partner so if you miss class you can contact them to find out what you missed in class. Come and get help during my office hours. Having attempted all the homework prior to class and reading the section in advance will help you immensely.

Getting Help:

Form study groups with other classmates.
Accessing the web site: see back of the book.
Video tapes of the Author’s Lectures are available in the Library
See me during my office hours.
Math Study Hall (MaSH): U -80: MTWH 8:00 - 8:00 S 9-3:00
SCC Tutoring Center: U -80: TH 8:00 - 8:00 F & S 9:00 - 3:00

Math Study Hall (MaSH) Registration:

The MaSH is a service provided by SCC that gives students a chance to supplement the learning done in the classroom. There will always be a math faculty member, Instructional aides, and student workers on duty to assist you when needed. There are also computers in the room on which students can access mathematical software or do work for their on-line math class. The MaSH is located in rooms U-78, 79, and 80 (entrance in U-80). Hours of operation for spring 2008 are Monday thru Thursday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

To use the MaSH, you must register for Math 083L. This is a .2 unit class that will cost $4 (resident) for the entire semester. You can register for the MaSH when you register for classes or just go to admissions on the ground floor of the E building. Once registered, you can enter and exit the MaSH at any time during hours of operation. When you enter, you will slide your student ID card or just type in your student ID number at the MaSH sign in computer (no SSN). When you leave, you will sign out the same way. Signing out is very important. You may lose the hours you put in if you do not sign in and sign out appropriately.

Math 083 is a credit/no credit class. To receive credit for the class, you must complete 9 hours during the semester. We track this information through the sign in computer, so it is very important to sign in/out every time you use the MaSH. If you have any questions please contact Darlene Ornelas 714 628-4958.

Accommodations for Disabilities 

Students with verifiable disabilities who want to request academic accommodations are responsible for notifying their instructor and Disabled Students Programs and Service (DSPS) as early as possible in the semester. To arrange for accommodations, contact DSPS at (714) 628-4860, (714) 639-9742 (TTY) or stop by the DSPS Center in E-105

The instructor reserves the right to make any changes to the Syllabus or Assignments.