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Frequently Asked Questions

About Online Courses and Telecourses

  1. What is Distance Education ?
  2. How do I take a telecourse?

1. What is Distance Education?

The Distance Education program offers fully accredited college courses via television and the computer using World Wide Web, allowing you a convenient and flexible way to take classes. The courses are taught by Santiago Canyon College faculty. Many of these courses fulfill general education, elective, and major requirements. Many can be transferred to four-year institutions. See the Santiago Canyon College Catalog for information regarding specific courses.

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2. How do I take a telecourse?

Some telecourse's are broadcast on Public Broadcast Station KOCE. If a telecourse does not air on T.V., you will have the option of purchasing the complete set of telelessons in the bookstore or the telelessons are available to watch or check out of the Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College Libraries.

Some telecourse's will have on campus meetings. Usually an Orientation and a review before each exam, the number of times you will meet with your instructor will vary with each telecourse. Dates and times of these meetings are located in the Distance Education website.

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3. How do I take an online course?

Online students must have access to a computer with modem or other access to the World Wide Web, with browser software such as Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer (not version 8). You will communicate with your instructor electronically via email, a listserv, or the course website. Your instructor will deliver electronic lectures and assignments, and is available to answer question, provide additional information or explanations if necessary. In addition, students can telephone the instructor or come to campus during designated office hours, if desired.

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4. How much do online courses or telecourses cost?

Online courses or telecourses cost exactly the same as traditional classes. Click here for current fee information. 

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5. How do I register for an online course or a telecourse?

Registration for an online course or a telecourse is handled the same as traditional class enrollment:

  • Continuing students who actively attended the previous semester may complete registration by computer.

  • Students enrolling for the first time or who are returning after not attending the previous semester must complete an Admission Application by applying online at

  • Registration appointments for new students are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis at the time of application.

If you need further explanation of the application or registration procedures, contact the Admissions Office at (714) 628-4900.

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6. How can I find out about specific course requirements and books?

Go to the SCC website under Online Classes.

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7. Where can I get my book(s)?

All required textbooks and most other course material are available through the Santiago Canyon College Bookstore.

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8. Who is my instructor and how can I contact him/her?

Each course has an instructor-of-record, a faculty member at Santa Ana College or Santiago Canyon College, who will instruct and guide you through the course. Your instructor will answer any questions you may have through phone calls, voice mail, email, letters, FAX, or on-campus orientations, reviews, and exams.

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