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Course Prerequisite Clearance


Course Prerequisite Clearance
There are two ways for a student to obtain course prerequisite clearance:
  1. Course Completion From a Regionally Accredited College or University
    To obtain course prerequisite clearance from a counselor, please bring an official or unofficial transcript to the SCC Counseling Center (D-106).  A counselor will review your academic record to verify completion of prerequisite.  If qualified, you will be cleared for registration into the next sequential course.
  2. Placement Test Results From a Local California Community College
    If you tested within the last two years in English, last year in Math, or anytime in Reading, bring official copies of placement test results to the SCC Counseling Center (D-106) as soon as possible to determine whether it is necessary to complete testing at SCC or whether your eligibility can be verified and you can be cleared for registration.  Placement test information from other colleges must include:  your name, name of test(s), the raw score(s), and test date(s).
For more information, stop by the Counseling Center (D-106),
call 714-628-4800, or visit the website by clicking here.