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Courses and Certificates


Adult Basic Education 009
Adult Basic Education
Credit(s): 5.0-20.0 | Class Hours: 72-288 | Grade: Pass/No | Open Entry/Open Exit
Recommended Preparation: English as a Second Language 460 or higher and/or placement by counselor assessment. Instructs students in basic skills, including reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics. Prepares students to take High School Subjects courses, job training, or college credit classes. Pass.
Adult Basic Education 010
Money Matters: Financial Literacy
Credit(s): 2.5 | Class Hours: 36 Lecture total | Grade: Pass/No Pass | Open Entry/Open Exit
Prepares the student for the adult world of financial management and for the development of sound decision making skills in personal and family money matters.
Adult Basic Education 011
Native Language Basic Skills for Adults
Credit(s): 0 | Class Hours: 216 Lecture total | Grade: Pass/No Pass | Open Entry/ Open Exit
Assists students in acquiring basic skills in their native language in order to facilitate the transition to beginning ESL courses. Focuses on reading, math, and writing, as well as academic and life skills. .