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Santiago Canyon College Parking Regulations

Traffic Regulations

R101: No person shall fall to obey any sign or signal erected to carry out these regulations or the California Vehicle Code.


R102: No person shall operate a vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or any other mechanical vehicle on District property at a speed greater than 15 MILES PER HOUR, except for emergency vehicles.


R103: The driver of a vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or any other mechanical vehicle shall yield the right of way to a pedestrian crossing any roadway or parking areas or walkways.


R104: No person shall operate a vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or any other mechanical vehicle on any walkway, field, or landscaped area. Authorized Service vehicles are exempt.


Parking Regulations

R201: All vehicles parked on Campus shall clearly display a current parking permit, with the number of the permit clearly visible, on the driver’s side of the dash board or hanging from the rearview mirror of their vehicle. Daily parking permits shall be displayed on the driver’s side dash board so the information on the permit is clearly visible. A permit or receipt in any other area of the vehicle is a violation and subject to citation. Owners of jeeps or convertible may obtain adhesive backed parking permits. See the Campus Safety & Security Department for further details.


R202: No parking is allowed in any area that does not have a clearly marked parking stall.


R203: Vehicles parked within a parking stall shall not overlap the lines that designate the parking stall.  No vehicle shall be parked outside of the designated parking stall. Doing so negatively impacts other vehicles around you. Any vehicle that impinges negatively on the adjacent stall or is parked excessively outside the boundary lines of the parking stall will be cited.


R204: No person shall park in an area posted or marked for “Disabled Parking Only”, unless that person has with them a valid Department of Motor Vehicles issued Disabled Persons placard or displays a valid Disabled Person’s license plate which refers to the occupant of the vehicle.  The vehicle must also display a valid college parking permit.


R205: No student or staff member or visitor shall park a vehicle in an area posted “Visitors” or “Vendors” for more than the 30 minute posted time.


R206: No student or visitor shall park a vehicle or motorcycle in parking lots, parking areas or parking spaces designated for “Staff Only” except as posted.  Violators will be cited immediately.


R207: When signs or markings prohibiting or limiting parking are posted, no person shall park or leave standing a vehicle in violation of such sign or marking.  This includes reserved parking spaces, or temporary parking restrictions for an event or construction.


R208: No person shall park or leave standing a vehicle on any walkway, landscaped area, driveway, road, or field without prior approval of the District Safety Department and display of a valid Temporary Parking Permit. Authorized service vehicles are exempt.


R209: Motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking areas, and are exempt from the required parking permit, if parked in designated areas.  Motorcycles that park in a normal stall must display a valid parking permit.


R210: Painted curbs are an indication of restricted parking and the color denotes the type of parking allowed as follows:

  • RED ZONE - indicates no parking or stopping anytime, whether attended or not.  All roads and driveways on the District property and campuses which are fire lanes must be kept unobstructed and available to emergency response vehicles at all times. Access to fire hydrants must also be maintained at all times. Any vehicle presenting a hazard by obstructing a fire lane or fire hydrant will be cited and / or may be towed immediately.
  • YELLOW ZONE - indicates an area for loading and unloading of vehicles and the parking of service vehicles, there is a 10 minute time limit.
  • GREEN ZONE - Indicates a parking time of 30 minutes.
  • BLUE ZONE - indicates “Disabled Parking ONLY” with special permit.  An occupant in the vehicle must be the holder of a valid Department of Motor Vehicles issued Disabled Persons placard.  The vehicle must also display a valid college parking permit.

R211: All vehicles parked in the Auto-Diesel Complex must display a valid work order.


R212: All vehicles parked in the Auto-Diesel Complex over 24 hours must display a current parking permit.


R213: All vehicles shall be parked heading into a slanted / diagonal parking stall.  Maneuvering into a slanted  / diagonal parking stall so that the front-end of the vehicle is at the stall opening can disrupt the flow of traffic in parking aisles and can cause accidents or inconvenience to other road users.  In parking lots or on sites (like District Office or Orange Education Center) where the parking stalls are at 90 degrees to each other, vehicles can park either head in or head out.


R214: No person shall park or leave unattended a motor vehicle or motorcycle blocking traffic lanes on Campus or any other District properties.


R215: No person shall sleep in, or remain overnight in any vehicle parked on Campus or any other District properties.


R216: No person shall leave any animals or minor children unattended in a vehicle on Campus or any other District properties.


R217: No person shall abandon, or leave standing, any vehicle or motorcycle on the District premises for 72 or more consecutive hours without advanced permission of the District Safety Department.  Violations will result in vehicle removal and storage under authority of Section 21113A of the California Vehicle Code.

Procedures for Contesting / Paying RSCCD Parking Citations

  • Citizen calls / or applies online to RSCCD Parking Administration to contest citation.
  • Parking Administration forwards Administrative Review form to Director of District Safety.
  • Director of District Safety or his appointee reviews form and either upholds or dismisses citation based upon available information. The result is updated online and a results letter is forwarded to the Citizen.
  • If citation is dismissed, no further action is necessary. If citation is upheld, citizen must forward a deposit in the amount of the citation to the Parking Administration. RSCCD bail schedule is set at $45 ($350 for violation of Disabled Persons regulations and $100 for Red curb violations).
  • An in-person hearing or written declaration review is scheduled.
  • A college Hearing Examination Committee will meet for in-person hearings and reviews. This committee will be managed by an external parking processing company.
  • Within 20 days after the mailing of the final decision of the committee, the citizen may proceed to Civil Court if the disposition is disputed.
  • Fine amounts will be $45, $65, $85 (as they become delinquent).