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PAD Music

Music Courses


Music 034A, B Song Writing
Music 061 Basic Piano Skills 1
Music 101 Music Appreciation
Music 101H Honors Music Appreciation
Music 102 World Music
Music 103 Jazz in America
Music 104 Rock Music History and Appreciation
Music 121 Beginning Voice
Music 122 Intermediate Voice
Music 123 Advanced Voice
Music 124 Advanced Vocal Production & Repertoire
Music 131 Masterworks Chorale
Music 135 Concert Chorale
Music 136 Collegiate Choir
Music 137 Chamber Choir
Music 161 Class Piano 1
Music 162 Class Piano 2
Music 163 Class Piano 3
Music 164A Intermediate Piano Repertoire I
Music 164B Intermediate Piano Repertoire II
Music 185 Beginning Classical Guitar
Music 186 Intermediate Classical Guitar
Music 187 Advanced Classical Guitar
Music 188 Advanced Classical Guitar Technique & Repertoire