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About The SCC Honors Program

Who can enroll in Honors Courses?

At SCC, you do not have to be admitted into the Honors Program to take an honors course.

A student meeting any the following guidelines may enroll in an honors course:

  • Students who are accepted into the Honors Program
  • Students meeting the prerequisites of an honors course as stated in the schedule of classes
  • Students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA in all course work. (Official transcripts from all colleges     attended must be on file in Admissions.)
  • High School GPA needs to be verified prior to enrollment.

If you have a posted Santiago Canyon College GPA, you may register for any Honors course by telephone or in person as you would for any other course. If you do not have a posted Santiago Canyon College GPA, you must have a signed waiver from a counselor or the Honors Program Coordinator and then register in person.


What are the benefits to students taking Honors classes?

There are many benefits to you as a student in the Honors Program:

  • Smaller classes
  • More one-on-one interaction with your professors and peers
  • An enriched environment that allows for student-directed activities and discussions, guest speakers, field trips and more professors who are committed to innovative teaching styles and strategies
  • A learning community of students who share a curiosity and an analytical approach to education
  • Designation on your transcript of honors courses


Why should I enroll in the Honors Program rather than just take Honors courses?

  • Designation on your transcript as having completed the program
  • Designation on your transcript and diploma as a President's Scholar if you meet the criteria.
  • Accumulation of honors credits to graduate as a President's Scholar and to receive benefits from four-year institutions
  • Letters of recommendation from the Honors Program faculty
  • Honors Transfer Agreements with 12 four-year institutions
  • The support of a learning community of students with shared goals, attitudes, and motivation Scholarships
  • Participation in the annual Honors Alliance Research Symposium
  • To receive Honors Program credit for all Honors course taken prior to enrollment in the Honors Program
  • Pre-counseling for Honors classes


What are the requirements to complete the Honors Program?

Additional Honors Program details can be located on pages 9-10 of the 2014/2015 SCC Catalog.