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Upcoming Survey Classes

Spring 2014

SURV 119–Advanced Plane Surveying    (4 units)

Prerequisite: Survey/Mapping Sciences 118 or possession of a valid Certificate as a Land Surveyor-In-Training (LSIT) issued by any state. Emphasis on coordinate geometry calculations. Route surveying with horizontal and vertical curves. Topographic surveying and mapping. Construction surveying. Introduction to geospatial technologies, boundary surveying and surveys of public lands. Field surveying projects. Assists in passing the land surveyor-in-training exam. Recommended Preparation: Mathematics 160.

80579      Tuesdays     3:15–6:25pm      U-98    D Mertens    02/11–06/03

This class is offered in hybrid format—a mixture of in class and online instruction. Detailed information will be given at the first class meeting. In addition, there are six Saturday labs, 8:00am-4:30pm, on Mar 8, 22; Apr 19; May 5, 17 and 31.



SURV 222–Advanced Problems in Surveying II   (3 units)

Introduction to photogrammetry emphasizing concepts and calculations. Route surveying includes horizontal and vertical curves, volume calculations and construction staking. Prepares students for land survey exams. Recommended Preparation: Survey/ Mapping Sciences 119 and 221 and Mathematics 160.

76251      Mondays      6:30–9:40pm     E-308     J Evans      02/10–06/02