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Real Estate 102 Online Course

Real Estate 102



Welcome to Real Estate 102. Below you will find all the information you need for this online course.

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Please email your instructor with the Ticket Number & Name of Class one week prior to your class start date. Your instructor will contact you during the week before the class begins after receiving your message. There is no on-campus orientation meeting.

Your instructor will send you information which will tell you how to access the course.

You MUST begin coursework immediately when the class starts or you will be dropped from this class.

Real Estate Licensing Information can be obtained directly from the Dept of Real Estate or by calling (916) 227-0931. 

Course Overview - Online Section


California Real Estate Principles, 9th edition by McKenzie, Anderson, Battino, and Hopkins, by Thompson/Southwestern.


Provides basic information about real estate and prepares students for advanced study in specialized courses. Includes land descriptions, deeds, titles, agency, contracts, mathematics, finance, appraisal, escrow, leases, and taxation. Required course for California Real Estate Sales License. For more information about the California Real Estate Sales License, look at the Department of Real Estate web page ( or call (916) 227-0931.


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Real Estate
Chapter 2 - Legal Descriptions, Methods of acquiring Title, Deeds, estates and Methods of Holding Title
Chapter 3 - Encumbrances, Liens and Homesteads
Chapter 4 - Real Estate Agency
Chapter 5 - Real Estate Contracts
Chapter 6 - Practical Real Estate Mathematics
Chapter 7 - Introduction to Real Estate Finance
Chapter 8 - Real Estate Lenders and Government-Backed Housing Programs, FHA, VA, Cal-Vet Loans, Secondary Mortgage Market
Chapter 9 - Real Estate Appraisal
Chapter 10- The Role of Escrow and Title Insurance Companies
Chapter 11- Landlord and Tenant Relations
Chapter 12- Land-Use Planning, Subdivision, and Other Public Controls
Chapter 13- Introduction to Taxation
Chapter 14- Single Family Homes and Mobile Homes
Chapter 15- A Career in Real Estate


Three major tests consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions each. All self-assessment quizzes and  major tests will be given online and students will have a limited time period to access the tests. Failure to access a test during the time it is available will result in a zero for that test score. No make-up tests are allowed during the semester except in extreme circumstances and with prior approval of instructor.


Students should read the assigned chapter material and complete all assignments by the due date (see schedule of assignments). The 15 chapter online self-assessment quizzes are a course requirement for this course even though these assignments are not graded, and are for student self-assessment. The student's score on each of the online chapter quizzes will not be considered in the calculation of the final course grade. However, the student will earn 150 points (or 15 points per chapter) for the successful completion of the quizzes. If a student completes the quizzes after the due date, there will be a 50% penalty imposed, and a student may not take the course exams without having completed all assignments.


Tests will be graded on a modified curve.
Rating scale for course grade: 

 90 - 100%  A 
 80 - 89%  B  
 70 - 79%  C 
 60 - 69%  D 
 59% or Below  F 


It is the student's responsibility to withdraw officially from a course. However, because of enrollment demands, a student may be dropped when not checking in by email by the third day of class.


A student may be dropped for excessive absences. Attendance in this class is based on the timely completion of the course assignments.


Students who cannot continue in a course have an obligation to withdraw officially through the Admissions and Records office on any campus. Students are encouraged to consult with the instructor concerning class withdrawals.

Students officially withdrawing through the Admissions and Records office may do so through the last day to withdraw as noted in the college schedule of classes and receive a transcript symbol of "W". (See the college catalog or contact the admissions office at (714) 628-4900 regarding the college policy relating to attendance, absences, and withdrawal from class.)

*If a student does not officially withdraw prior to the final announced date for withdrawing, a letter grade must be given by the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to drop the course if he or she wishes to avoid an "F" grade.