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Biotech Word Graphic - Start Your Career in Biotechnology at SCC
Biotech Images of Cells and DNA

NEW! Biotechnology Program

You can be qualified to work in the Biotech Manufacturing Industry after completing just 3 courses!

Complete Biology 190, Biology 191, and Chemistry 209 and earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Biotechnology
Our certificate is stackable so you can also earn higher level Certificates of Achievement and an AS Degree in Biotechnology by completing other courses in the program (Click Images Below for more information)

​Diagram of Courses for
Stackable Certificate

Courses are now available at SCC:

Biotech A: Basic Laboratory Skills - Offered in Fall 2014

  • Biology 191 (Section 89692) - Wednesdays 3:30 PM - 8:40 PM (Lecture/Break/Lab).
  • No Prerequisite!
  • Training for job proficiency in basic lab procedures, techniques, and use of equipment.

Introduction to Biotechnology - Offered in Intersession 2015

  • Biology 190 (Hybrid Lecture Course).
  • No prerequisite!
  • Overview of the Biotech industry and Biology concepts related to the field.

Biotech B: Proteins - Offered in Spring 2015

  • Biology 192 (Hybrid Lecture and on-campus Laboratory)
  • Training in industrial laboratory protein production, extraction, and purification.

Contact Denise Foley (Program Coordinator) for more information.