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Spring 2014 Newsletter


Make "Spring Cleaning" Your SCC Web Pages Rewarding by Don Busche

Now that SCC has finalized the redesign of the college website, it is time for all web authors to grab their dust pan, pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, and start cleaning their web pages for the move to the new website design.
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FACULTY FOCUS: A great source for instructional strategies for the college classroom by Leah Freidenrich

Faculty Focus is a one-page weekly e-newsletter for instructional strategies for college professors.
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TaskStream by Aaron Voelcker

Taskstream is a software solution that provides a central online system to manage course and program student learning outcome assessment...
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The California Virtual Campus by Scott James

Recently, Governor Jerry Brown set aside 16.9 million dollars for the creation of a state-wide virtual community college campus. The California Virtual Campus or CVC will be offering 100% online classes and are targeting their first courses to begin this fall...
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SCC's Technology Committee promotes the use of technology to increase efficiency of college operations and to support teaching and enhance student learning.
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