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Resolutions Of

The Santiago Canyon College

Academic Senate


F2013.1: Adoption of Revised SLO Mapping for Degrees and Certificates

F2013.2: Joint RSCCD Senates resolution Of Adoption of Policy for Temporary Suspension of Courses

F2013.3: Acceptance of Educational Master Plan Committee Recommended 11 April 2013 SCC Mission Statement

F2013.4: Acceptance of the 2012-2013 Basic Skills Allocation End-of-Year Report

F2013.5: Adoption of Committee Senate Summary Report Submission Process

F2013.6: Creation of an Academic Senate Committee Schedule Task Force

F2013.7:  Adoption of Fall 2013 revised Academic Program Review Template

F2013.8:  Adoption of 9 May 2013 Distance Education Faculty Handbook

F2013.9:  Affirmation of the Santiago Canyon College Fall 2013 Technology Plan

F2013.10: Affirmation of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee Fall 2013 Governance Handbook Description

F2013.11: Support of Dissolution of the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Review Committee

F2013.12: Addition of Content Review to Policy on Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Advisories

F2013.13:  Affirmation of the enrollment Management Committee Mission and Responsibilities

F2013.14:  Addition of a Standardized Schedule for Committees and Meetings at SCC

SP2014.2: Adoption of the AA-T and AS-T Reciprocity Agreement

SP2014.3:  Adoption of Strategic Enrollment Management Implementation Plan

SP2014.4:  Accelerated One-Year Degree

SP2014.5:  Approve Spring 2014 Website Redesign

SP2014.6:  Adoption of Professional Development Committee Governance Handbook Description

SP2014.7:  Adoption of Spring 2014 Budget Committee Governance Handbook Description

SP2014.8:  Nomination of Melinda Womack for Election as Commissioner to ACCJC


F2012.1: Resolution for Approval of Revisions to Procedures and Requirements Attendant BP 6117

F2012.2:   Resolution for Senate Support of Proposition 30—Governor Brown’s 2012 Tax Initiative

S2013.1:  Resolution for Adoption of Revised AS Constitution

S2013.2:  Resolution for Adoption of Revised AS Bylaws

S2013.3:  Resolution for Creation of Faculty Enrollment Management Task Force

S2013.4:  Resolution for Support of Splitting Departments of Earth, Space, and Physical Sciences

S2013.5:  Resolution for Acceptance of March 11, 2013 Proposed Planning Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) Committee  Composition 

      S2013.6:  Resolution for Acceptance of 2 April 2013 Educational Master Plan Committee (EMPC) Membership
      S2013.7: Resolution for Adoption of the ASCCC 2009 paper “Enrollment Management Revisited”
      S2013.8:  Resolution for Adoption of the 2013 Faculty Enrollment Management Philosophy and Guiding Principles
      S2013.9: Resolution in Support of the Creation of an SCC Enrollment Management Committee
      S2013.10:  Resolution for Implementation and Adoption of April 2013 Request for Faculty Position Documents
      S2013.11:  Resolution for Acceptance of a Santiago Canyon College Orange County Teacher Award Process
      S2013.12:  Faculty Support of Joining the Mindspring Initiative in Fall 2013
      S2013.13:  Support of the Creation of a Santiago Canyon College Website Committee


F2011.1: Resolution for Transition from a Motion Based to Resolution Based Structure

F2011.2: Resolution for Formation and Guideline of Committees and Task Forces

F2011.3: Resolution in Support of John Smith's Nomination for the California Community Colleges Board of Governors

F2011.4: Resolution in Support of Adopting the Statement on Standards of Assessment Practice for Instructional Programs

F2011.5: Resolution in Support of Recommending and Following the Faculty Revised "Request for Authorization to Apply for a Grant"

F2011.6: Resolution in Support of Adopting the "SCC Faculty Vision and Core Values Statements"

F2011.7: Resolution in Support of the Honors Program Advisory Committee (HPAC) to Become a Senate Approved Honors Program Committee

F2011.8: Resolution in Support of the District Purchase of Task Stream Assessment Management Software

S2012.1: Resolution in Support of the Revision to the Budget Allocation Model

S2012.2: Resolution in Support of the Revision to the Equivalency Forms

S2012.3: Resolution to Adopt Revisions to the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Review Committee Description

 S2012.4: Resolution in Support of Library Collections

S2012.5: Resolution to Adopt Revisions to the Honors Program Committee Description

S2012.6: Resolution to Adopt the Fall 2012 Flex Calendar

S2012.7: Resolution to Support the Request for Authorization to Apply for the Student Mental Health Program Grant.


F2010.1: Resolution in Support of the Changes to the Minimum Qualification for Education

F2010.2: Resolution in Support of Increased Release Time for the Honors Program

F2010.3: Resolution in Support of District Purchase of License

F2010.4: Resolution in Support of C-ID


F2009.1: Resolution Regarding the Replacement of the Chancellor

S2010.1: Resolution in Support of an Articulation Officer


F2009.1: Resolution in Nomination of Janis Perry