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EMC Membership

Joyce Wagner (Faculty) & Marilyn Flores (Admin) Co-Chairs


Administrative Membership:

Ruth Babeshoff

Lori Fasbinder

Marilyn Flores

Kari Irwin

Sergio Rodriguez

Von Lawson

Tuyen Nguyen

Martin Stringer

Aaron Voelcker

Classified Membership:

Barbara Garrahy

Frank Rivera

Robert Waldren

Faculty Membership:

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (2):

Alex Taber

Business and Career Technical Education (2):

Regina Lamourelle

Andy Salcido

Continuing Education (1):

         Estela Cuellar

Mathematics and Sciences (2):

Debra Brooks

Randy Scott

Academic Senate President or Designee:

Corinna Evett

Articulation Officer:

Leonor Aguilera


Curriculum and Instruction Council Chair or Designee:

​Joyce Wagner


 Rudy Carrion

DSPS Faculty:

Lucy Carr-Rollitt


Barbara Sproat

Student Membership:

        Seham Nabilsi